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Shades of Green



Shades of Green

We will customize a service for you directly from our General Price List or from any of our packages.

Many prefer to have their loved one present for funeral ceremonies. For those who prefer having family and friends see their loved one, we offer embalming to prevent nature from taking its course too quickly. If embalming is not an option, we can still have our loved one present in a closed casket, with the family being able to see and spend private time with their loved one prior to services.

Cemeteries in our area require the use of a grave liner in order to protect the integrity of the grave. Our Simple Grave Liner allows elements to flow freely, facilitating a return to our environment and meets the requirements of our local cemeteries.

Wicker Casket $1200

Minimal Fiberboard Cloth Covered Casket $700

Simple concrete Graveliner that enables
return to the elements $1095

Cotton Burial Shrouds $60

Seefeld Funeral Chapels actively support recycle programs while being environmentally friendly. Some of the programs have been around for a long time with some programs being newer. At Seefelds, we participate in the usual programs such as recycling paper, cardboard, plastics, aluminum, other cans and glass. However, some of our other programs might surprise you. Here are some of the ways that we at Seefelds are trying to do our best to support recycling in our community while being eco-friendly to the world.

Seefeld Funeral Home is first in Oshkosh to offer green or eco-friendly funeral and cremation options to the families we serve.

We collect eye glasses for the Lions Club World Vision Program. If you would like to donate eyeglasses, they may be dropped off at one of our funeral homes.

Collect hearing aids for reuse. If you would like to donate hearing aids, they may be dropped off at one of our funeral homes.

Pacemakers, which must be removed before cremation, are respectfully removed and then with the family permission sent to Project My Heart – Your Heart at the University of Michigan for research to determine if pacemaker reutilizaion is a safe and effective means of delivering healthcare to underserved countries.  

After funeral services, if the family wishes, we will deliver funeral flowers to area nursing homes and care centers in order to “recycle them”. Often volunteers then make individual bouquets for the residents.

Use of LED and compact fluorescent bulbs throughout the entire funeral home for energy conservation.

Turning lights off when not in use and turning off electronic devices, computers, printers, etc., at the end of the day.

Use of programmable thermostats for heating and cooling of the funeral home when occupied.

We use a professional medical waste disposal company to properly dispose of medical waste; it does not go to the landfill.

The Seefeld Funeral Home also uses a professional laundry service that operates under OSHA guidelines for sanitation purposes.

We are all very proud of being Americans.  We believe that US Flags need to be disposed of properly.  Therefore we have a receptacle for used US Flags that are then disposed of ceremoniously by a Veterans Service Organization or the Boy Scouts.

These are some of the ways that the Seefeld Funeral Home supports recycling. We are continuing to search for other meaningful ways to contribute to the natural cycle of life.


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